1. A profession that I can be proud of and be able to own and continue doing for a long life time.

2. A lifestyle surrounded by lovely, fun, interesting, creative people, full of exciting travel experiences, delicious simple and luxury foods to enjoy, a cozy space of my own to decor and inspire my everyday life.

3. Happiness, for myself and to give others. The power to make someone smile, feel at peace, and comfortable like a good cup of chamomile tea, with a hint of sweet organic honey.

4. Super network. To get connected with the most talented, interesting and passionate people from all over the world, and more over become life long friends.

5. A beautiful partner, who I can enjoy and love every moment with, adventure life together and explore new things. Someone I can die for and someone who can do the same for me.

6. Quality family time. To spend precious times with daily and constantly making new and fun memories all together and appreciate the roots I came from.

7. A big big walk in closet, where I can neatly organize my favorite clothes and jewels - and be able to spend the most pumping time choosing the best outfit to wear.
by savis | 2012-08-08 22:44
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