Happy New Year!!

I wake up and find myself inside the bed.

but somehow my mind is pulling itself out.

like as if it wants to go out for a adventurous

walk along side the calm beach that spreads

across and long down infinite to the unknown land.

The year 2008 seems like alot will happen.

and everything happening will have a reason.

bless all.

with love respect and smiles
# by savis | 2008-01-01 14:40


I feel so so bloomed

some pink, orange and yellow flowers surrounding me

with the sweetness of its' charming extract

just simply irresistable.

It takes my five senses into paradise

like a whole new world opening up in front of me.

As if no one is watching us.

The world still keeps spinning around

and the ticks the clock in motion.

I feel so so bloomed

my cheeks are pink. my eyes are turning ocean blue

gradually reflecting the orange light of the sunset

producing such a beauty it simply flames my heart.

something indescribable.

As if we are out of words

seek into each other's eyes

and feel our mind's at peace.
# by savis | 2007-12-29 15:53


I am still a seed down in the mud

deep deep down

I am thirsty for water from the

heavenly earthy pours above

I am wanting to grow bigger and bigger

and see the sky

That one day will pop into my sight

and shower the bright sunlight

I am wanting to become beautiful

a beautiful flower

to be cherished and treasured

by a loving caring kind human being
# by savis | 2007-12-07 01:11

its fcking my life

Life is shorter than you think it is. You must do whatever you love.





・・・・ Just let your passion flow ・・・・・ 
# by savis | 2007-11-20 15:36

a chill day out

i love taking a walk out on a day like this. and alone.

with my new azteca-pompom-shoulder bag hangin down from the side

and with my new coat that i got at a recyle shop near my house.

i am feeling almost like a london girl swifting through the streets

near the big park as i take out my 1mmg cigarretts and light the bar.

the moment i puff, the tip of the cigarrette slightly sparks and calms.

its like me getting the tiklish feeling i get when my lover touches my

skin soo gentle and smooth.

so anyways, i am puffing this thing and quite thinking about alot of things.

but i can't say what in general. it wasn't like i was thinking about

'oh should i do this or that or what' but just opening up my mind and

simply breathing in and out and thinking 'what a fuckin lovely day'

i generally love being out in the sun and with sunshine i could be the

most happiest girl in universe. but sometimes i love being in the coulds

as well. like today - its not sunny at all and its almost about to rain.

its just one of those 'chill days' like you want to frisk up yourself.

so that was the 'thing' i ve been wanting to do for such a long time -

and ive done it. the time spent was just amazing. i walked down to the

library to tour inside and get something that would pull me into. its about

that time where i need to trip somewhere into a different world and find

a discovery. i usually end up staying in the library for such a long time

looking for the 'right' books that im searching for, but today i made up

my mind so qucikly. i made it with my direct senses.

i got this book called 'the moon odyssey' i flipped through the pages and

see they have got beautiful pictures of the mother moon. i close it an d

think ' this one is a hit' my mind got right into it. straight.

i carry four books in one hand and head my way back to the park again.

i take out another 1mmg cigarrette and light the tip of the bar.

it sparks like the head of my head and heart of my heart.

a chage or something is happening to me.
# by savis | 2007-11-06 15:54